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Any way to upload to Dropbox folder

May 15, 2013 at 10:48 AM
Is there any way to upload files to Dropbox when the application is configured for Folder Access?

When creating an application with full access to the users dropbox I have no problem uploading a file.

But when the application is created for Folder Access it creates a folder under the "Apps" folder (name specified on the Dropbox developer site).

I have then tried to upload with the floowing code:
var cl = new HigLabo.Net.Dropbox.DropboxClient(txtAppKey.Text, txtAppSecret.Text, txtAccessToken.Text, txtAccessSecret.Text);

var ai = cl.GetAccountInfo();
var cm2 = new HigLabo.Net.Dropbox.UploadFileCommand();
cm2.FileName = @"file.txt";
cm2.FolderPath = @"/"; 

This returns ok but no file seems to be uploaded.

I have also tried with
cm2.FolderPath = @"/Apps/MyAppsFolder/";  
with no luck.

Using Spring.Social.Dropbox it works to upload to a folder.